Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Weapons of Self Improvement

A Skincare Product of Volcanic Proportions

Last year M.A.C Cosmetics introduced a line that utilizes Earth's natural by-products. After disappearing from shelves for some time it has been reintroduced to the market this fall. One of those items is a very intriguing one, and is generating interest even amongst the male demographic (after all something made from a once lava spewing valcano sounds pretty awesome). The formula only requires you to use it in small doses and can be applied to the body, not just the face. The volcanic ashes are from the Vanatu Islands, providing the key ingredient that leads to smoother and cleaner skin. I have personally tried MAC's volcanic ash exfoliator and can say that although it has an unpleasant and messy appearance during application, it's very effective and does what it's made to do very well.

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