Monday, November 30, 2009

Raw Footage

A Blend of Hip-Hop X Classical Music For Your Viewing Pleasure

Recently a very unique and entertaining video was brought to my attention. It showcases two gentlemen who may very well be the U.K's finest beatboxers, performing for Google employees at the company's London offices (nice perks, wouldn't you agree?). The video, which was made back in early 2008, features a set list including a rendition of the Night Rider theme by Nathan "Flutebox" Lee along with fresh beats and an abundance of sound effects delivered by Beardyman. The latter has a fairly decent singing voice to go along with his insane beatboxing talent.
Other cool bits in the video are Beardyman's take on the 80's hit "Take on me" and his impression of Marlon Brando's infamous godfather character while "Flutebox" plays the classic movie theme. These take place in the final six minutes of the video which are definitely the most entertaining since they perform as a duo, combining their awesome skills. The only negative comment I have about this video is that I wish I had discovered it sooner. Hope you all enjoy

Middz Note: The Google offices must be a pretty lax environment seeing as they have beer bottles in the break room fridge.

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